Complete Online Permitting, Inspection, Land and Project Management, Code Enforcement and Licensing Software

What is Viva Civic?

Viva Civic is an advanced web-based cloud-host software technology solution that enables staff to work from remote locations, while giving your customers full access to fulfilling their permitting and licensing needs. Viva Civic and our advanced offering, Viva Civic Citizen Access, have been tested and in use in jurisdictions since 2004.

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Viva Civic Software: For the Safety of Your Staff & Customers, and to Maintain Business Continuity

Why Choose
Viva Civic
for your

Our software system has already been tested and proven in the field. Beyond our history of great service and continual improvement, your team and your customers will benefit from the following features of Viva Civic:

  • Complete online plan review and permit processing with Secure online payments.
  • Continue your business seamlessly.
  • Fast track implementation – tailored and installed to be Ready-to-Go.
  • Offer all your essential services for a fraction of cost of your existing system. Ask us about no cost option.
  • Save your staff time on application intake and processing.
  • Save your customers time with paperless and online access.
  • Save cashiering time with online payments.

Viva Civic Software is your end to end software solution
All Online… Fully Hosted… Cost Free.

Planning Software Solutions

You can optimize your planning and zoning permitting process with Viva Civic’s easy online access.
  • 24/7 Online access to the entire functionalities of the software and data from anywhere.
  • Complete virtualization of permit center.
  • Includes automated document routing to facilitate processing of reports through various review and approval entities.
  • Integrated calendar function to manage your Hearing Meetings organized.

Business License Software Solutions

With remote access for you and your customers, online business licensing has never been easier to manage. The personalized portal allows your customers to access everything they need to get their business licensing completed from application to payment and everything in between.
  • Improve your revenue with auto notifications, designed to keep you on top of applications.
  • Be informed when a new a business opens through the interconnectivity with the building and zoning modules.
  • Get easy to read reports that show you the trends and data you need to know.

Building Software Solutions

Conduct all your operations online with Viva Civic Building Software Solutions. No more waiting in line, no more paperwork, no more missing documents or email. Your customer will love their personalized portal where they interact in real-time with your team and where they can submit applications, plans, pay fees, request inspection, and view results of their plan check and inspection.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Enhance accountability.
  • Create automation routines to facilitate communication and collaboration.

Code Enforcement Software Solutions

With our software, Code Enforcement Officers can conduct all their tasks away from the office, whether that is from the site or from the safety of their homes. Save lives through social distancing, but also save time and money and achieve a major efficiency improvement.

  • Your code enforcement team will have access to all features of Viva Civic, remotely.
  • Staff can receive notifications for new cases or follow up on cases from the site.
  • Staff can conduct any necessary records history research, as well as take pictures and attach them to the case to establish violations and issue citations. Everything can be accessed remotely from the site, their car, or their home.
  • Freda K. Burns, ROW & Development Administrator, City of Norfolk
    Viva Civic software Customer Portal has enabled us to receive applications and plans, then review, approve, and issue 100% of our permits within 24 hours, 7 days per week. We have eliminated the previous 3 to 5 day turnaround. Our customers love it!  This fast, secure permitting and payment system has saved us and our customers time and money.  The system paid for itself in less than 30 days.  Viva Civic is extremely flexible as we have received additional customizations to accommodate changes in our business practices as our needs evolve with the technological landscape. We researched them all and Viva Civic is by far the best on the market. We are very pleased with our choice.

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Viva Civic helps you to close the gaps that practicing social distancing demands. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to see what the whole system looks like, we're happy to do live demos and walkthroughs online or on the phone.