Planning Software Solutions

The Viva planning module is intuitive and powerful.
It has all the tools necessary to run your organization in a responsive, efficient and engaging manner.

The distinguishing features of Viva Planning are as follows:

Document Management

This reduces the time spent on searching, researching and archiving project documents as everything will be logically filed and readily available in the central depository of the system.


Giving your team full control over the various projects by automating the flow of data.


Viva dashboard gives timely indicators and reminders to the users regarding any projects that are currently underway.

Communication and Collaboration

With Viva, you can have staff members from different functional expertise and departments to come together on a single platform and work towards a common goal.

Mapping and GIS

Giving you the mapping ability to visually follow the activities and trends of permitting and construction activities in your community.  Also, this feature simplifies and automates any required noticing. Viva provides unparalleled visualization of the information to you so you can plan and make informed decisions.


Simplifying the scheduling of public hearings and other associated notices required by the users.


User friendliness is at the core of the Viva planning system as it allows your staff to use it without any difficulties.

The Viva Citizen Access

The Viva Citizen Access gives the opportunity for your customer to be fully engaged throughout the approval of an application. Applicants can submit applications, design documents, provide the supporting document, check the status of their project and pay fees all from the convenience of their offices or homes.

A Summary of the Benefits and Features of Viva Planning and Citizen Access:

  • Submit plans and documents
  • Pay Fees
  • Check statuses
  • Fast Communication
  • Document Management, Routing, and Archiving
  • Fully integrated
  • GIS and mapping
  • Automated workflow for projects, staff reports

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