Engineering Software Solutions

Manage all of your engineering operations with the Viva Engineering software solution. Viva has powerful features to enable your operation in all aspects such as permitting, inspection, and monitoring.
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Giving you the abilities to research, investigate, collaborate, document, communicate and follow-up, the Viva software is designed to give you everything you need to succeed.

Custom Workflow

Customize workflow to foster collaboration in multi-agency approval processes

GIS & Mapping

GIS and map-based solutions gives you visual presentation to assist you in decision-making and planning.

Subdivision Projects

Manage subdivision projects from initial submittal to final map recordation.

Parcel Management

Parcel management, with lot-tie and lot-split, Viva does it all.

Fees & Deposits

Process fee collection of any sort, deposit system, complex fee, as per your requirements.


Bond-tracking and management allows incremental funds release based on the levels of completion of the projects

Field Inspection

Mobile field inspection simplifies construction tasks, saves time and adds accuracy.

Email Alerts

Viva Email alert and notification to keep everyone informed.

Time Tracking

Viva’s built-in time-sheet improves accountability and bookkeeping.

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