What Is our “Jailbreak” Strategy?

Here’s how it works:

Viva Civic Access Cloud Solution:

We deploy Viva Civic Access solution to give your customers the best and most user-friendly online permitting and inspection portal.

Streamlined Plan Check and Inspection:

Your team will use Viva Civic to process applications and conduct plan checks and inspections for online-submitted projects with ease and confidence.

Existing System Integration:

Your existing system will continue to be used for projects submitted onsite or already in the system. Reports will be exported via Excel to be combined with reports of your existing system. Also, data exchange via API is available.

Smooth Data Transition:

When you’re ready, we’ll seamlessly import your existing data, allowing you to bid farewell to those hefty annual fees.

How Much Does Viva Civic Access Cost?

Our pricing structure is designed to be transparent and cost-effective:

How Much Time Do You Need to Dedicate to Deployment?

Very little! Just provide us with your application forms, fees, review workflow, inspection types, and permit format. We’ll handle the rest, and you’ll only need to test and accept the deployment.

Have a look

at these two videos to get a better view of what do you get with Viva Civic Access

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