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Viva Public Works is the perfect tool for all aspects of your Public Works operation.
At Viva, we provide you with an indispensable tool to manage your projects, plan and control the costs, review, approve and process invoices.
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With Viva Public Works, you get to manage and initiate inspections with real-time entries from construction sites.

Streets and Property Maintenance

Manage the maintenance of streets and publicly owned properties.

Custom Workflow

Use the workflow feature to track service requests and task completion.

Track Resources

Keep track of resources and allocate funds.

Mobile Work Order

Built-in work-order with mobile access.

Project Management

Manage projects with confidence with powerful project management features for managing staff and project budget.


Use dynamic dashboard to assess, plan and implement.

Real-time Field Reports

Receive real-time field reports via wireless internet.


Work seamlessly with internal and external vendors, partners and organizations.


Get reports that support your decision making and provide useful indicators.

Asset Management

The companion asset management module makes it unbelievably easy to manage inventory controls, maintenance schedules, and asset assessments.

Capital Improvement

Viva Civic Software helps you in managing all your capital improvement projects effortlessly from the earliest inception through budgeting and completion. Viva Public Works provides powerful tools to:

  • Collaborate with public or organizational units to solicit ideas for capital improvement projects
  • Set targets and milestones, and assign staff based on their respective expertise, skills and other criteria
  • Prioritize and track progress and expenditures
  • Reduce or eliminate paperwork with built-in document management
  • Keep all electronic files and records for all the projects
  • Get customized reports and detailed information easily

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